A luxurious shampoo + conditioner in one.


How To Use It
Massage desired amount into hair and scalp. Let set for 1-2 minutes for maximum results and rinse thoroughly.


More Info

A daily use, luxurious shampoo + conditioner in one. Leaves hair soft and manageable. Includes Tremella Mushroom, Goji Berry, and Ginger root along with fifteen other botanicals to promote a healthy and happy little one.

Good For: Pediatrician and acupuncturist recommended. Features a proprietary herbal blend to enhance moisture and shine.


  • Tremella, considered the mushroom of beauty in Asian medicine traditions. Tremella grows in forests and can also be used to make a medicinal pudding.*
    Goji Berry, ancient tales tell of goji berries being used by royal families in their bath water. Goji is heralded as a super food with untapped external benefits.*
    Ginger Root, increases circulation, acts as a natural cleanser, is warming and enlivening to the senses. Acts as a harmonizer making the herbal formula cooperate.*