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Expectations To Keep While Visiting A Blow Dry Bar In Nashville

Sometimes, we may wonder what to expect after getting an appointment at the best blow dry bar in Nashville. This blog is a straightforward guide to let you know how you can get sleek, shiny hair in under an hour in a blow-dry bar.

Blow dry bars are rising in popularity. The reason lies in the increase in awareness about self-care. People today are finding ways to treat themselves on stressful days. Besides that, they want hands-on experts and professionals to style them for important events.

What Do Blow Dry Bars Entail?

Blow dry bars are similar to salons, except they do not offer the entire pampering variety. These bars do not include coloring and dyeing services. Instead, they focus on blow drying, styling, and actual hair washing.

Blowdry bars are available in various metro areas. However, Pink Soda blow dry bar in Nashville and several other cities pamper women everywhere. Unlike general salons, blow dry bars do not factor in hair length, texture, additional styling products, and tools cost.

Other distinguishing points between blow dry bars and general salons are as follows:

Services Offered

Blow dry bars only offer hair washing, styling, and blow drying services. On the other hand, salons juggle multiple activities like coloring, cutting, etc.

Attention To Customers

Salons may have total employee capacity, but busy hours can cause problems. It can be challenging to handle several clients simultaneously. However, blow dry bars resolve this issue by downsizing the services. They hire professionals with experience and a reputation in the three things for a wonderful visitor experience.


Costs for styling and blow drying services vary in salons and dry bars. Several factors affect the expenses. Blow dry bars tend to be affordable for women.

Things To Expect Before Appointment

When visiting a salon and meeting the stylist, you must be clear about what you want. Your stylist can offer you a flipbook to choose from various options. Here are a few standard hairstyles available in many blow dry bars:

HairstylesDescriptionSuitabilityHow To Ask For It

The Classic Blow Dry

One of the classic go-to hairstyles for women, just like bread and butter. A delicious-sounding and visually appealing style. Women get sleek and bouncy hair with curls gathered in the end for volume and beauty. Suitable for days you want to look polished and together. It does not seem like you’re trying too hard, but enough to stay attractive. You can ask the appointed stylist to give you bouncy blow waves with volume at the crown. Moreover, the classic look must include sweeping flicks in the end as finishing touches.

Beach Waves Blow Dry

Offers a messy, undone kind of vibe. A younger version of a classic blow dry that underwent some things before reaching its destination. An excellent option to go for on a general day out. Choose it when you don’t know what else will work excellently. Furthermore, if you get a cut, beach waves are a good blow-drying choice. You can direct your stylist to give you big and bold waves. The bends would be loose and texture tousled from root to tip, leaving less height up top.

Straight Blow Dry

Another classic and common inquiry women make. The hair looks sleek, shiny, and completely straight. Style suits people who hate curls or want manageable hair for a few days. Dead straight blow dry adds to people’s convenience due to its workability. The user can even restyle it later to their needs.You can instruct the stylist to give straight, shiny, clean parts down the middle and minimum height. Besides these common choices, you can also opt for customized looks. After conveying this message to the stylist, you will undergo:

  • Head Wash

The stylist will wash your hair. However, they will ask you about the products of your choice, any allergies, etc., to ensure a seamless experience. The shampoo and conditioner will reflect your needs (volumizing, strengthening, etc.).

  • Styling And Using Products

The stylist will take you to the styling station and begin their magic. They will occasionally ask to use products like mousse, gel, straightening cream, volumizing spray, etc. While you relax and converse with them, they will bring your vision to reality. The styling may take anywhere between 40-45 minutes.

  • Conversations And Feedback

During the blow drying and styling process, the stylist will continue conversations to keep you engaged. They can enlighten the mood and convert you into regular customers with their treatment and communication skills.

The stylists will ask for your feedback about the process. You can let them know if the braid is too tight or if the curls are loose for smooth sailing.

Finishing Up

Blow dry bars in Nashville offers an opportunity for women to unwind, relax, and indulge in self-care. They provide numerous styles that’ll stay for up to 3-5 days, depending on several factors.

These bars aren’t always luxury but an investment in yourself. Moreover, it relieves you from the headache of daily hair styling.

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