Pink Soda Blow Dry Bar is dedicated in giving back to the communities that we serve. In an effort to concentrate our support, we have chosen to give to charities that mirror our business philosophies and the concerns of our guests. These charities include donations to women’s health issues, cancer research, children’s organizations, animal rights organizations, endeavors that promote creative or artistic development, veteran support, and environmental concerns. Beneficiaries are advised that a contribution in a particular situation is not an indication that support will continue on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, we are not able to honor all requests. Those requests that are not submitted at least 30 days in advance, that are incomplete, or that are to benefit individuals or for-profit organizations will not be considered. Businesses may request partnership on a case-by-case basis, which entails a commitment that is mutually beneficial.

Completed donation requests may be e-mailed to with Subject “Attn: Donation Request”

To be eligible for donations, organizations must:
– Qualify for a nonprofit status under the Internal Revenue Code
– Benefit the local community serviced by Pink Soda.
– Mirror our business philosophies and the concerns of our guests

Following details should be addressed in your request:
– Brief description of your organization
– Purpose of the contribution requested
– How the program relates to Pink Sodas areas of interest

We wish we were able to support all the great organizations in our area! However, we are a small business and that just is not possible. Please be aware that past donations to an organization does not ensure continued support.