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Hi there!

My name is wendy

Hi there!

My name is Wendy.

Many people have asked me two questions. Why did you open Pink Soda and what's behind the cute name?

Coming from over 16 years of behind the chair experience I actually took a break from hair. I started my own boutique consulting service building brands for high profile plastic surgeons and dermatologists from across the country. As exciting as it was to work with clients who were so well known and of such high status in the industry, the travel got to me. As a result, I returned to hair, but this time with the objective of building a brand. That is how Pink Soda was born. The name? Well, the name is something I had in my head as I wanted to come up with something unique and something that reminded me of my daughter. In short, that is how it came about.

with love

Looking for a unique and luxury experience? Look no further than Pink Soda. Our hair salon and blow dry bar offers the perfect combination of modern trend and chic. Our signature blowout, the CBD Pink Soda Special, is the perfect way to pamper yourself. We specialize in a variety of services – all catered to the needs of our female clientele. From haircuts and coloring to styling and blowouts, you can trust our expert stylists to help you create the look you want.

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